Ibrahim Hasan Murad Advocates Investment in Human Capital via High-Quality Education

Ibrahim Hasan Murad Highlights the Importance of Education on International Day

On the occasion of International Day of Education, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President of the University of Management and Technology (UMT), underscored the significance of education in fostering peace and development. He emphasized the need for investing in people through a strong emphasis on quality education.

Murad emphasized the necessity of providing inclusive and equitable quality education opportunities to promote gender equality and alleviate poverty in the country. He stressed the pivotal role of government support in facilitating educational transformations to ensure that the fundamental right to education is accessible to all. Additionally, he called for the creation of an innovative educational environment for children with disabilities and the provision of scholarships to marginalized students.

President UMT articulated the importance of educational institutions, from daycares to higher education centers, in imparting knowledge that fosters creative thinking, innovative aptitude, and entrepreneurial skills among children. He also highlighted the need for integrating digital transformation into the future roadmap of higher education.

Furthermore, Murad addressed the issue of discrimination against intermediate students, emphasizing the importance of ensuring equal opportunities. He advocated for a 50% quota for commoners in all elite universities.

The UMT president stressed the significance of character-building in education, in addition to academic performance. He urged the government to provide a clear vision for the education sector to safeguard the future of the nation.

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In conclusion, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, on International Day of Education, reaffirmed his commitment to promoting quality education as a means to achieve societal development, equality, and prosperity.

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