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Ibrahim Hasan Murad: A Visionary Leader Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow

Ibrahim Hasan Murad is a remarkable emerging leader whose qualities make him an exemplary figure in global education, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. His dedication to philanthropy is evident through his leadership in managing a substantial PKR 9+ billion scholarship fund, aimed at promoting educational and socio-economic progress. Driven by a deep-seated compassion for improving society, he unwaveringly champions several key causes:

1. Universal Access to Education:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad is a staunch advocate for making education accessible to all, regardless of their background or circumstances.

2. Youth Development:

Recognizing the potential of Pakistan’s youth, he is committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation.

3. Social Change and Social Mobility:

Murad strives to foster social change and increase social mobility, working toward a more equitable society.

4. Human Capacity Development:

He is dedicated to enhancing the skills and capabilities of individuals to drive progress, recognizing the significance of human potential.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad’s contributions extend to serving approximately 100,000 students, spanning from kindergarten to the PhD level, across various educational initiatives. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the world’s youngest university president.

His visionary leadership, marked by a strong emphasis on thought leadership, has catapulted the University of Management and Technology (UMT) to top rankings in international university assessments. In 2023, UMT secured its position as the number one private sector university in Pakistan, according to THE World University Rankings.

At the core of Ibrahim Hasan Murad’s vision is a steadfast commitment to integrity. He firmly believes in unlocking the potential of individuals to shape a brighter future for all. To him, leadership is synonymous with serving the people.

Educational Background of Ibrahim Hasan Murad:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad’s educational journey is nothing short of remarkable. He holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. His academic pursuits also led to the attainment of a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Coventry University, United Kingdom. Furthermore, he completed courses in Economics, Cross-Cultural Business, Organizational Behavior, Religion, Political Science, and IT at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Fostering a Promising Future:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad is fervently committed to advancing knowledge for the betterment of Pakistan. With extensive leadership experience, he aims to provide the country’s youth with opportunities for a promising future.

Honors and Public Service:

His dedication to public service is evident in his roles in the Government of Punjab, where he served as Minister for Transport, Mines & Minerals, and Livestock and Dairy Development. Notably, the Livestock and Dairy Development sector plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s agriculture, contributing significantly to the province’s GDP. His tenure in the Mines & Minerals Department involved managing valuable mineral resources, collecting royalties, and ensuring environmental compliance. Moreover, he actively contributed to marketing minerals, thereby fueling the sector’s growth.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad’s commitment to public service extends to his previous role as Minister for Local Government and Community Development. During his tenure, he managed a substantial budget, oversaw critical infrastructure projects, and provided vital services to communities across Punjab.

President of University of Management and Technology (UMT):

As the President of UMT, Pakistan’s premier general research university, Ibrahim Hasan Murad leads an institution ranked first in the private sector by international assessments. UMT boasts a faculty of over 900 educators, including more than 300 with PhDs, educating approximately 25,000 students. A remarkable feature of UMT is its dedication to providing scholarships, benefiting 58% of its students. The university offers over 120 degree programs through 19 Schools and Institutes.

Engagement in International and Educational Institutions:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad is an active member of various international and educational organizations. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education in the UK, specializing in Islamic subjects. His contributions to the Institute of Policy Studies in Islamabad underscore his commitment to research and policy-oriented dialogue.

Diverse Entrepreneurial Ventures of Ibrahim Hasan Murad:

Beyond his academic and public service roles, Ibrahim Hasan Murad has a significant presence in various business ventures. He has served as the Executive Director of an Islamic Mutual Fund listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and has been the Editor-in-Chief of Academia Magazine, dedicated to providing professional guidance and insights into Pakistan’s education sector. As the Chief Executive of 868 Holdings Pvt Ltd, a real estate investment firm, he focuses on sustainable and socially responsible investments that positively impact communities.

Promoting Philanthropy and Social Causes of Ibrahim Hasan Murad:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad is deeply committed to philanthropy and social causes. He is the Co-Founder of Young Philanthropists of Pakistan, a platform that promotes empathy, generosity, and giving among the next generation of business leaders. Additionally, he is the Founder of the Sitara-o-Hilal Foundation, which encourages a spirit of sacrifice and service among youth aged 6-12.

Initiatives for Students:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad strongly advocates for student welfare and initiated the “Free Internet for Students Movement.” This campaign resulted in significantly discounted internet packages for students, improving their access to online resources.

International Engagements and Interests:

Ibrahim Hasan Murad has an extensive international presence, having participated in various high-profile events and forums across the globe. His interests span a wide range of subjects, including arts, culture, international affairs, aviation, competitiveness, history, innovation, and development. He actively contributes to the dialogue on these topics in various international events and conferences.

Countries Visited:

His international engagements have taken him to over 20 countries, where he has represented Pakistan in various capacities and advanced key causes.

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